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Glo Minerals Oil Free Moisturizer

Glo Minerals Oil Free Moisturizer

SKU: 638

Our best-selling Oil Free Moisturizer delivers lightweight moisture with antioxidants, botanicals and essential hydrators to help balance and strengthen skin without weighing it down. Even oily skin needs moisture and hydration, and this fan favorite moisturizer is the perfect option. 


Product Features:

  •  Ideal for Skin in Need of a Light Moisturizer
  • Recommended for Oily Skin
  • Can be Applied Daily
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Algae Extract, and Malachite Extract
  • This Formula Is Oil Free Even Though It Includes Jojoba Oil Which Is Technically Not an Oil, Rather It Is a Mixture of Liquid Wax Esters
  • Great for Day and Night Use
  • 1 Unit

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