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4 amazing benefits of visiting skin 101 medspa

Everyone knows spas offer relaxing, beauty-centered treatments but there are several other reasons to visit SKIN 101 Medspa.

1. we offer both cosmetic treatments and medical skin care.

Unlike visiting a regular spa or a medical facility, patients who choose SKIN 101 can focus on their health and beauty needs at the same time. You can even book multiple treatments for the same day for a truly invigorating experience.

Whether you're looking to treat acne, are considering Bio Identical hormones or need to a skin tag removed, we're here to help. Plus, we can recommend some pretty awesome products to help you maintain you skin at home.

See a full list of our medical services here.

2. The Variety of Treatments

Another major benefit of visiting SKIN 101 is the wide variety of treatment options you have access to. From microdermabrasion to facials and chemical peels we've got the hottest skin care treatments and state of the art equipment for patients looking to avoid surgery and explore non-surgical options.

Whether you’re being treated by some of the best botox specialists Houston has to offer, receiving laser hair removal, or booking another procedure, you will be in an environment that promotes stress relief and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

See a list of our top treatments here.

3. We're always on trend

That's right. We keep up with the best new trends in skin care and body sculpting so you don't have to. We've just added EMSCULPT & truSCULPT ID to our services and it's a major deal!!!

If you haven't heard about the revolutionary new technologies that allow you to build muscle and burn fat without a work out we'd be glad to show you how it works.

Find out more about EMSCULPT and truSculpt now by clicking these links.

4. super savings with our Monthly Specials

Every month we highlight several treatments that we know you'll love and discount them to a price you can't say no to. Whether it's Dermaplaning, Botox, Dysport, Microneedling or Facials there's something for everyone.

Need an idea for your next girls day out - invite your friends and let them share in the savings.

Click here to see this months deals.

BONUS: Our fantastic team

I mean just look at them. We're very fortunate to have some of the best medical staff and aesthetician's in the business who are experts in what they do and love to help serve you and all your skin care and health needs.

You've probably already got a favorite but if not we'd love to match you with a professional that's right for you. Just give us a call and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION today at 281-251-2400.

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