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SKIN 101 Dermaplaning - Spring, TX

Dermaplaning is a professional exfoliation treatment that gently removes off the top layer of dulling and dead skin cells. What’s left is a smoother, brighter complexion.


In addition to smoother and brighter skin tone, dermaplaning can help your skin better absorb skincare products and make subsequent SKIN 101 treatments, like chemical peels and laser treatment, even more effective and impactful.

Dermaplaning is sometimes referred to as “facial shaving” as this treatment helps to eliminate the “peach fuzz” and make-up caking that you’ll notice in the mirror and in pictures… one of the reasons this is a celebrity-favorite treatment in Hollywood! This process can also help those struggling with acne. (PS: Don’t worry… your hair won’t grow back thicker. and/or darker.)

Because dermaplaning involves the use of a sharp scalpel, this procedure should always be carried out by an aesthetic and medical spa professional.

Most clients experience little to no downtime from this painless and relatively quickly treatment.

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