SKIN 101 Acne Treatments

Controlling Acne

Acne can be devastating towards self-esteem and physical appearance. Topical creams and oral antibiotics have been the major treatment options for decades. This approach was a “one size fits all” standard program.

At SKIN 101 in Spring, TX, acne treatments are individualized based on the degree of acne and individual skin type. Traditional treatments are augmented by cutting-edge technology, such as Smoothbeam® Resurfacing to target the root cause of acne.

To help you understand your acne more clearly, this section of our website is designed to provide information for acne treatment options and maintaining acne control. You should seek acne treatment early on to prevent scarring. We will discuss available treatment options to remove acne scars if you already have them. 

Acne Treatment

Prescribed acne treatments may be covered by your insurance policy depending on your individual coverage and the severity of your acne. Your payment portion depends on your policy coverage and requirements.

At SKIN 101, we provide options from topical skin care products to prescription medications in addition to our in-office procedures. Our procedures and treatments are supervised by licensed physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

Our acne treatments that may be covered by your insurance company include: acne cleansing, chemical peels, acne surgery, day and evening management regimen, and Cryotherapy.