SKIN 101 Laser Vein Removal - Spring, TX

Leg veins, also known as spider veins, may appear based on a variety of factors – genetics, estrogen, and possibly progesterone are thought to play a role in the development of this cosmetic condition. Spider veins tend to appear more frequently in women and are particularly common in women who are pregnant, taking oral contraceptives, or receiving hormone-replacement therapy.

Getting rid of spider veins is safe and easy at SKIN 101. Using the Gentle Max Pro Laser (the gold standard in aesthetic treatments), this is a particularly attractive option for treating delicate areas and for people who are allergic to other treatment options that utilize the use of an injectable solution. Laser vein removal may require multiple sessions.

In the meantime, these Self-care tips can help:

  • Exercise

  • Elevate your legs

  • Sit for long periods? Get up and walk around every 30 minutes

  • Stand for long periods? Take a break every 30 minutes

  • Avoid soaking in hot baths for long periods of time

  • Compression sock/hose