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5 affordable skin care treatments that deliver big results

Did you know that there are several non surgical skin care treatments that are not only affordable but are effective in helping fight wrinkles, evening skin tone and texture and ridding your skin of dark spots?

Let's take a look at the top 5.

1. MICRODERMABRASION - Microdermabrasion can be effective for dull skin, uneven tone, dark spots, acne scars, and fine lines. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure uses fine medical grade crystals under air pressure and vacuum. The used crystals and removed dead skin particles are simultaneously vacuumed into a waste depository to be disposed. Treatments are relatively quick, usually taking under an hour to complete, and recovery time is virtually nonexistent. Your skin will be treated with moisturizer, serum, or sunblock according to your skin type and condition.

2. CHEMICAL PEEL - Chemical Peels exfoliate the skin and stimulate collagen for a younger-looking complextion. SKIN 101 offers a wide range of chemical peels that can eliminate dead skin cells, open clogged pores, reduce wrinkles, eradicate razor bumps, repair sun damaged skin, and reduce fine lines, to name a few.

3. BOTOX - Botox temporarily erases lines and wrinkles near your eyes, brow and forehead. It can also be used to treat excessive sweating, migraine pain and dropping brows.

4. DERMAPLANING - Dermaplaning is a professional exfoliation treatment that gently scrapes off the top layer of dulling and dead skin cells. What’s left is a smoother, brighter complexion.In addition to smoother and brighter skin tone, dermaplaning can help your skin better absorb skincare products and make subsequent SKIN 101 treatments, like chemical peels and laser treatment, even more effective and impactful.

5. DERMA FILLERS - Fillers away lines and wrinkles in the mid face area. They don't require any downtime, provide instant results, carry little to no risks - all while using hyaluronic acid to replenish facial volume.

Now that you have 5 new reasons to call SKIN 101 today, we'd like to give you one more.

You can get all these affordable treatments at an EVEN BIGGER DISCOUNT at our Annual Boo-Tooxin Party on October 23rd. Call 281-251-2400 to RSVP today.

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