kiss those brown spots goodbye

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

What is Seborrheic Keratosis and how is it treated?

Seborrheic keratosis: A benign skin disorder due to excessive growth of the top layer of skin cells, usually found in persons over 30 years old. They may appear as just one growth or in clusters. They are most often brown but can differ in color and range anywhere from light tan to black.

So how are these "age spots" treated? With Eskata, a prescription-strength hydrogen peroxide topical solution, FDA-approved to treat SK age spots.

This non-invasive treatment uses a soft-tipped pen-like applicator. Applied directly to the SK, the hydrogen peroxide creates a localized reaction that smooths texture and reduces pigmentation of the treatment area. After just two treatments (on average) and an average of 106 days, SK age spots fade or disappear.