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what is prp therapy for hair loss?

Statistics show that hair loss currently affects over 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States and can start as young as puberty.

Hair loss, especially on the upper part of your head is often as a result of changes in androgens, a group of hormones that regulate hair growth.

At SKIN 101, we offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy injections to encourage the growth of thicker, natural-looking hair. The are all natural and have been found to stimulate regrowth of hair and reduce the effects of thinning regardless of when the balding started.

With PRP treatments our staff is committed to help you re-stimulating your hair growth cycle, stop the spread of baldness and to thicken your existing hair.


Our advanced PRP-based hair loss treatment involves using growth factors contained in your own blood to “heal” unproductive hair follicles. The treatment works by activating adult stem cells within previously unproductive follicles in order to promote localized cell growth. The treatment also stimulates the formation of new blood vessels which ensures that the regenerated hair follicles are adequately fed and oxygenated.

This non-surgical, minimally-invasive technique can be completed in just one session and requires three simple steps:

  • We will draw a small amount of your own blood, then process it in a centrifuge to order to isolate the PRP and activate the growth factors.

  • Then, we will numb the target area of the scalp with a local anesthetic.

  • Lastly, the PRP will be injected into the target area utilizing an extremely fine-gauge needle. The treatment requires a series of injections in a matrix pattern, focusing specifically on areas where hair loss is most severe.

How long before I see the results?

Most patients should begin to see both an improvement in the thickness and density of existing hair as well as new hair growth in as little as two months after the treatment. Because the hair growth is coming from the patient’s own natural follicles, patients may wash and dry it normally immediately after the treatment!

For optimal results we recommend 4 sessions. You usually notice results within 4 to 8 months after the initial procedure and may continue to gradually improve for up to a year.

We recommend regular follow-up visits, usually about every four months during the first year, to track the progress of the hair regrowth.

Some patients may require additional treatments to achieve specific hair regeneration goals.

Recovery Process

PRP treatments take about an hour and there is no recovery process needed. Patients are able to resume normal activity straight from leaving the office.

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